About Me

Welcome to Travel with Garcia

Hello, my name is Yulando G. Lee and I created this site to share my travels in the hopes of inspiring you to make time for travel and explore this big wide world or the least get to know your home country a whole lot more. Travel is a great way to learn new things, meet new people, experience a new culture and way of life.

I am pleased to make your acquaintance and since we are getting to know each other, just a tad bit about me: I am a creative, smart, intelligent and articulate individual. My career path has been in business, accounting and finance but I have always had a passion for travel and adventure.

I am a free spirit with a type ‘A’ personality who believes in working smart and having fun while I work. I love arts, business and going places and so quite often seek to combine my passions. Oh yea, how could I forget, I am also a foodie (lol).

Two (2) years ago, I made the decision to become my own boss providing business support and consultancy services to SMEs. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me the freedom and opportunity to do more of the things I love: Work and Travel.

My life experiences have taught me how to balance work and life and I look forward to taking a break if even for a few hours. What is Life with No Fun!

Email: info@travelwithgarcia.com | Phone: 1.876.425.1786

Do Yourself A Favour . Just Travel . Go!