Belize It!

I had the opportunity to live in Belize and it was on this journey that I discovered I was totally meant for the outdoors. I knew I loved being outside and doing fun things but this was a whole other world for me, considering that I have always worked in accounting and spend most of my time in a cubicle.

Belize is a part of Central America, bordered by Guatemala and Mexico and is much like the Caribbean. The country is known for its preservation of its wildlife and natural resources and I am always up for adventure that takes me outdoors.

My orientation was part behind a desk in an office and the other part in a jungle, how else was I going do accounting without knowing and experiencing the operations of the company – right?.

Business and life in Belize was experienced on a different pace than I was used to … more relaxing and easy going, huge adjustment, huge. It surely didn’t take me long to figure things out ’cause all work and no play …yea you get it.

While I was there I toured everywhere from Belize City in which I lived and worked to Belmopan (the Country’s capital)  and San Pedro, a beautiful resort/tourist town and I always found an event to attend so I could experience more of the food, people and lifestyle.

My first tour was a cave tour: Raiders of The Lost Mayan Cave Tour. I highly recommend this tour if you are ever in Belize. It was a wonderful and messy experience but I loved every minute of it. It was a loooooong and bumpy bus ride to Big Hill Station (tour site), don’t knock it as it is all a part of this experience. The tour guides were so welcoming, friendly and full of vibes all the way through. They walk you through all the safety rules and fit your gears [harness, helmets with headlights, gloves] and your scent for the day – insect repellant to keep you safe and equipped for the trek ahead.

The whole tour took about 3 hours [including briefings and snack time]. It requires comfortable clothing, footwear and you are encourage to take any medication you may need to have on your travels. The tour is a well guided group tour, you are never left alone and educated by the guides along the way, like Geography class strips all over again. yay!! 🙂

Not only will you not look the same way you arrive but you wont feel the same way you arrived – not in a bad way – at least not for me, but this tour can take a lot out of you: singing, rapelling, ziplining, hiking, crossing a rope bridge and trying to dodge bats in the cave- all in the name of fun! Once you start this you have to stay the course cause there is no turning back 🙂

Looking for a great adventure? step outside the cubicle and step inside a cave … what says you?

See some city, see some world.

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Yulando is a creative, smart, intelligent and articulate individual. While my career has always been in business, accounting and finance, I have always had a passion for travel. In the last 2 years, I became my own boss providing business support and consultancy services to SMEs. Being an Entrepreneur ultimately allows me the freedom and opportunity to do more of the things I love: Work and Travel. I am also a free spirit with a type 'A' personality who believes in working smart and having fun while I work. I love arts, business and going places and quite often seek to combine my passions. My life experiences have taught me how to balance work and life and I look forward to vacations and weekend getaways. What is Life with No Fun:)

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