Caribbean Dream

Aaaah Barbados, one of the options for places where I would want to spend my golden years. It’s one of my favourite caribbean island . BIM as they say is much like what you would expect of the Caribbean: warm and sunny weather, great food, beautiful beaches, friendly people, fabulous shopping and a little or lot of everything to make a perfect staycation. As a finance person, the icing on the cake for me is that the Barbados dollar has been pegged to the US dollar at 1 USD = 2 Bds$, since July 5, 1975.

A recent trip there was more of a chance visit than a planned vacation but I still found the time [as always] to make it a lil’ bit about fun. Having a friends there made getting around easy but if you are riding solo or in a group getting around is absolutely no hassle: rent a car, take a taxi/town car, hotel shuttle or public transportation. You will get by either way.

One of the absolute must to do in Barbados is the island tour, which can be accomplished in a day [not a full day just a few hours to be exact]. You will get to see the countryside, how people live, the beauty and breadth of the island. Make a stop at any food /bar joint to refuel en route and enjoy the cuisine and livelihood of the people. One thing you must try is their cassava pone, a sinfully sweet pudding/cake.

Another thing I absolutely loved about Barbados was that you had access to most if not all beaches. If even for this moment you want to be a beach bum, beach hopping can be a thing and it makes for a fun experience. The access to beaches have no cover charge.

For the party animal in you, there is always St. Lawrence Gap “The Gap” known for its shops, restaurants, clubs, etc. It is beautiful to stroll through the day and really comes alive in the nighttime, an experience that should not be missed. However, Crop Over (usually June to August), is the best time of year to visit the island. Lots of celebrations, parties and festivals to attend, generally the period ends on the first Monday in August (The Grand Kadooment).

Overall, you will not be disappointed by what this island has to offer.


Lucy, Barbados

Sugar Hill Animal Flower CaveThe Gap [in the day] Lawrence Gap Tapas Restaurant   Animal Flower Cave



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